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1900 - Birth of Seewoosagur Ramgoolam in the village of Belle Rive.

1901 - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi visits Mauritius.

1906 - Telecommunications : Cable link with Reunion and Madagascar.

            - Break of influenza epidemic in Mauritius :- 4000 dead.

1913 - First co-operative society founded in Mauritius at Montagne Longue following  recommendations of a  Royal Commission Report.

1917 - Break of plague epidemic in Mauritius.

1920 - Last batch of indian immigrants land in Port Louis.

1930 - Mauritius faces economic recession with low prices of sugar on world market.

1936 - Mauritius Labour Party founded with Dr. Maurice as first president.

1937 - Social unrest starts at Union Flacq Estate owned by R.Gujadhur. Workers claim higher wages and march on the sugar estate. Gunshots fired. Four killed and six injured.

              -Violence spreads throughout the country with trade union activists.

              - Pandit Sahadeo put under house arrest and Emmanuel Anquetil exiled to Rodrigues.

              - Sir Bede Hugh Clifford nominated new Governor of the Colony of Mauritius.

1938   - A Department of Electricity and Telephone is established to control the use of telephones in Mauritius.

- Commission of Enquiry set up to look into social unrests. The Report published in April 1938.

- Dockers' strike in the port. All activities related to sugar loading paralysed.

1939 - Recognition of Trade Unions in Mauritius through he adoption of a Labour Ordinance.

1940 -  Dr Seewoosagur Ramgoolam nominated by Governor Bede Clifford to represent one of the two indians who represented indian interests in the Council of Government.

1943 - Sugar workers claim more increase of wages.

- Social unrest followed by march in Belle Vue Sugar Estate ends up with gunshots. Three  workers killed and 16 injured. Amongst one pregnant woman named Anjalay.

- The Bissoondoyal Brothers - Basdeo and Sookdeo, launch the Jan Andolan Movement aimed  at defending the cause of people of indian origin.

1944 - Three successive severe cyclones hit Mauritius causing heavy damages to plantations and houses.

- First commercial flight between Mauritius and France. An aircraft belonging to Air France inaugurates this new era of civil aviation.

1947 - Governor Mankenzie-Kennedy's constitutional proposals for Mauritius accepted y the Colonial office, London.

- Last " Les Courses Malbar" at Champ de Mars boycott by sugar industry workers.

1948 - New Constitution granted to Mauriius and ultimately adult suffrage.

- Elections held. Number of voters: 71,236.

- Mauritius Co-operative Central Bank founded with funds from planting community.

1951 -  Commonwealth Sugar Agreement signed. Mauritius sells 60% of its production to Great Britain under this Agreement.

1953 - Representations made by the Mauritius Labour Party for (1) universal suffrage, (2) increase of  number of elected members in the         Legislative Council, (3) institution of ministerial responsibility to replace the Executive Council.

           - Royal Commission instituted by London Colonial Office to consider these representations and its recommendations made public.

1958 - Mauritius Transfer of location of Cable and Wireless from Edith Cavell Street to Cassis.

1959 - Emergence of new political parties. The Ralliement Mauricien changes into Parti Mauricien Social Democrate under leadership of Jule Koenig; Muslim Committee of Action Razack Mohamed; and Independent Forward Block under the leadership of Sookdeo Bissoondoyal.

- First general election under universal suffrage held. Results: Labour Party (24 seats); IFB (6 seats; MCA (5 seats); PMSD (3 seats) and 2 independents elected.

1960 - Two intense tropical cyclones, Alix and Carol, hit Mauritius causing severe damages following which the country had to undergo a reconstruction program.

- Charles Gaetan Duval, young barrister, elected in Curepipe by election under PMSD banner.

- Professor Titmuss and Dr. Abel-Smith of the London School of Economic, present report on "social policies and the population growth in Mauritius".

- Family planning introduced to curb growth of birth rate in Mauritius.

1961 - Constitutional Conference in London. The PMSD opposes independence and favours  integration or association with Great Britain.

1962 - Dr. Ramgoolam becomes Chief Minister in the first phase of self-government rule.

            - Two stronger automatic exchanges replaced the manual exchanges in Port Louis and Rose Hill.     

1963 -  General elections in Mauritius. Results: labour Party (19 seats); PMSD (8 seats); IFB (7 seats); CAM (4 seats) and two independent.

1964 - Dr. Ramgoolam becomes Premier and Council of Ministers replaces Executive Council.

1965 - Constitutional Conference in London. Labour Party's delegation plead for independence. PMSD favour association with Great Britain. British side reluctant to grant independence and persuade Dr. Ramgoolam to cede Chagos Islands and evcuation of its inhabitants against Independence.

1966 - 50 year lease of Chagos Archipelago signed with Great Britain and United States with option for another 20 years.

- Relocation of Ilois from Diego already on.

1967 - General elections held in Mauritius. 54% of the electorate vote for independence with a Labour led coalition with Labour electing 24 members, IFB 11 and MCA 4, PMSD wins 43% of votes and elects 23 members.

- Mass immigration to Australia and Great Britain.

1968 - Mauritius accedes independence on the 12th of March. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam sworn in as first Mauritian Prime Minister.

1969 - Foundation of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien under the leadership of Paul Berenger.

1970 - Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi on state visit to Mauritius, lays foundation stone of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

- Opposition Party, PMSD, joins government.

- Dev Virahsawmy becomes the first member of the Movement Militant Mauritian to be elected in a by-election in Triolet.

1971 - First National Development Plan for Mauritius made public (1971-1976).

- Mauritius paralysed y a general strike affecting the port, the transport industry and the electricity supply.

- State of emergency proclaimed by government.

- Political activist Azor Adelaide murdered in Curepipe.

1972 - University of Mauritius inaugurated with Princess Alexandra as Chancellor and Dr. Octave Wiehe as Vice-Chancellor.

- Egyptian ship s.s Tayeb wrecked on Barkly Island off Pointe aux Sables during passage of cyclone Dolly.

- Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on state visit to Mauritius (March 26).

- Death of Mauritian Governor, Sir Leonard Williams. He is succeeded by Sir Raman Osman.

1973 - OSCAM summit meeting held in Mauritius. African figurehead, Leopold Sedar Senghor  participates.

- Mauritius becomes first Commonweath member-state to adhere to the Yaounde Convention.(May)

- Commonwealth Sugar Agreement expires. Yaounde Convention is succeeded by Lome Convention.

- PMSD revoked from Government.

1974 - Sugar boom. Prices attain world record level to reach the �600/ton.

1975 - Mauritius joins the space age with installation of a 10-metre diameter satellite antenna.

- Colour television is introduced in Mauritius followed by colour video.

- Cyclone Gervaise hits the island causing heavy damages.

- Students strike in Mauritius. All schools closed (May).

- Right to vote at 18 voted by Government of Mauritius.

- After sugar shortage on the world market, Sugar Protocol signed between ACP-member states and the EEC. Mauritius benefits    from the largest sugar quota of 507,000 tons.

1976 - World soccer star Pele visits Mauritius.

- OAU summit held in Mauritius. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam elected chairman.

- Second state visit by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

- Free secondary education introduced for all Mauritians.

- General Elections held. Labour Party loses but forms coalition government with PMSD.

1977 - Telecommunications: first data transmission to London from Mauritius.

- Founder of Labour Party, Dr. Maurice Cure dies.

1978 - State of Emergency lifted after seven years in Mauritius.

1980 - Coalition between the newly formed Parti Socialiste Mauricien and the MMM.

1982 - Sweeping 60-0 victory of the PSM-MMM. Sir Anerood Jugnauth sworn in as Prime Minister.

1983 - Collapse of PSM-MMM alliance. Newly formed alliance between the MSM-Labour Party-PMSD wins general elections.

1984 - Libyans diplomats expelled from Mauritius.

1985 - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam dies at the age of 85. National funeral for the former Prime Minister.

            - OTS takes over from Cable and Wireless Ltd.

1986 - Four Mauritians MLA's arrested in Amsterdam in connection with drug trafficking.

            - Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi on state visit to Mauritius.

1987 - Three-party alliance - MSM-LP-PMSD win general election.

1988 - PMSD quits coalition government.

1989 - Pope John Paul II on state visit to Mauritius ( October14).

1990 - Sir Satcam Boolell, Labour Party leader is revoked as minister.

1991 - MSM-MMM alliance wins sweeping victory in General Elections (57-3)

1992 - Mauritius becomes Republic but stays member of the Commonwealth.

            - Merger MTS & OTS. Mauritius Telecom is born.

1993 - Mrs Vidya Narayan becomes the first woman-Judge of the Supreme Court of Mauritius.

           - Mgr J. Margeot retires as Bishop in Port Louis.

           - Francophone Summit held in Port Louis presided over by French President Francois Mitterand.

1995 - New alliance MMM-Labour Party wins a 60-0 victory in general elections. Dr. Navinchandra Ramgoolam sworn in as third Prime Minister of Mauritius.

1996 - Death of Sir Gaetan duval. Popular tribute to the former leader of PMSD.

1997 - Paul Berenger revoked as Deputy-Prime Minister. The MMM quits government.

- Death of former mauritian minister Gian Nath.

1998 - By-election in Constituency No.20 won by Labour Supported candidate, Xavier-Luc duval of PMXD.








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