The highlight of any visit to Port Louis is the Central Market where the oriental atmosphere of an old island poet prevails. Here Muslim traders in flowing white robes, swarthy-skinned Indians and Chinese and colourful Creoles stand alongside shouting their wares to passers-by. The entrance to the market is via Farquhar Street, one block back from the harbour through wrought iron gates. The gates, build in 1844, are crowned with iron whorls and scrolls in which are inserted the initials VR after Queen Victoria. The market is noisy, hot and smelly throughout the day with customers wending through carpets of tropical produce and conical mounds of pungent herbs and spices. The stalls have something for everyone, whether it be a souvenir, fresh fruit or a herbal remedy guaranteed to cure all ailments from diabetes to diarrhoea. The market opens at 6am everyday including Sundays.